Description Consortium

  Role in ModSimTex Country Organization


Coordinator and R&D performer, expert on textile vision recognition and computer simulation of textiles, A.I. experts. Spain INTEXTER-UPC
A.I. experts

R&D performer, expert on mathematical modelling of textile structures and simulation of knit fabrics, A.I. experts.

Poland TU LODZ
R&D performer, expert on mathematical modelling of textile structures, textile FEM experts. Czech Rep. TU LIBEREC
R&D performer, expert on non-woven structures simulation. Germany STFI
Multi-stage innovation management expert, Assessment of innovation level. Germany DITF-MR


Ring-spinning yarn and weaving fabric expert manufacturer Czech Rep. SINTEX
Weaving machinery and products expert. Czech Rep. T.F.A.
Neendle-punch non-woven manufacturer expert. Germany HEIMBACH
Non-woven manufacturer expert. Germany ROEDERS
Knit products and knitting machinery expert. Italy SANTONI
Textile Simulation Software Developer. Spain INFOTEX
Textile on-line process monitoring and control expert. Belgium BMS

As it can see below, each member in the consortium is contributing in the project with an indispensable expertise area: INTEXTER-UPC gives its proven experience in managing European projects and also its knowledge of textile image processing and spinning techniques, TU-LODZ and TU-LIBEREC give a high skill in mathematical models, simulation and A.I applied to textiles, and STFI is in the lead of the non-woven research area in Europe. The software development is mainly executed by INFOTEX, which sells its textile design software to all Europe. In the other hand, the machinery constructors can be considered nowadays as some of the most important in the EU. DITF-MR collaborates in this project with its high expertise in innovation management and information technologies in order to continuously assess innovation level and therefore the success of the system to be developed

The detailed assignment of the partners to the tasks is explained in the section 1.3, together with the technical explanation of the workpackages.

Critical Mass

The research intended for this project will be developed by 5 textile institutes/universities, members of Autex and Textranet. Combining the knowledge of these organizations, the full spectrum of textile knowledge, and more specifically, the knowledge on the simulation of textile structures physical properties is covered by this project. Almost all the investigation on this field is accumulated in this proposal, as it is shown on the brief profiles of the partners. Alongside with the quality of the gathered knowledge, the existing equipments of textile measuring and analysis at the facilities of the partners and the broad range of R&D/testing textile laboratories of the partners, ensures the carry-out of testing and analysis tasks. The quality and number of equipments and human resources deployed for this project configure the most excellent team to achieve the project objectives from the R&D point of view.

The critical mass at the industrial participation level is excellent since this project has gathered 2 of the most important European textile machinery constructors and 3 of the major textile manufacturers in Europe; the expertise of these 5 companies in the textile processes knowledge (manufacturing parameters, knowledge on the products, machinery) will be invaluable to develop the integration of the simulation software MODSIMTEX in the textile machinery. This implementation is crucial to achieve the precision manufacturing of multifunctional technical textile products. The achievement of developing the simulation software MODSIMTEX is a huge breakthrough, but the inclusion of the simulation software into the textile machinery offers a new dimension and shapes a radically new set of opportunities to produce new multifunctional materials in short time. The inclusion of these textile machinery constructors and textile manufacturers is a luxury and ensures the success of this integration. At the same time, the integration in a CAD system is also in the hands of an expert textile CAD software developer which has the resources and capacity to achieve this integration. The required online analysis and metrology is completely assured by the participation of BMS, the world leader in on-line textile monitoring and process control.