Successful Final Meeting of the project

The last April 19th 2012, took place  in INTEXTER the final meeting of the MODSIMTex project with the atendance of all partners.

During the meeting the successful results of the project were shown to the EC officer and to the PTA who remarked the huge relevance of them in the field of processes optimisation in the textile sector.

The MODSIMTex consortium has been able to develop a software that allows the saving of time and material to the textile companies, achieving its main initial objectives:

  • Development of the simulation model of the physical properties of the basic structural units that compose the multifunctional textile structures
  • Development of a finite elements simulation system that simulate the physical properties of the textile structures, based on the mathematical models developed for these textile structures.
  • Development of an artificial-intelligence based simulation system for the physical properties of textile structures.
  • Implementation of these 2 simulation models  in one single composed simulation system which is the core of the MODSIMtex software package
  • Integration of the simulation system results into the manufacturing process through the adequate interfaces, to produce real multifunctional textiles using the parameters established during the design process with the simulation software MODSIMtex.