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I am a social person


How old am I: 18
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Aziz Jul 20, Podcast 0 comments. Click below to hear this episode! What do I mean by that? Bearback chat the way, I realized something.

About me

They would be the 3 reasons I stopped drinking a year ago.

Social phobia

But there is a happy medium. All I really want is a nice chatovod chats group of friends and even a girlfriend I can confide in,share things with and like me for who I am. If it cannot happen, count me out after a few minutes There are very few people I can have an open, meaningful conversation with. Having anxiety is frustrating at times, but I'm glad I have stable values to fall back on. How refreshing to chat with someone within your age group who is thoughtful looking to fuck chat e atrak shuns superficiality.

I have a pretty good sized group of friends when I was in primary school but when we all started high school most of us lost contact and now I only see a few of them.

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Perhaps it is time to cut off from people you ukraine chat room nothing in common with and start searching for those who do. Now everyone accepts his choice.

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While I don't drink it often I am partial to Diet-Coke so you are right in that regard. Not being an overly social person is completely fine.

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I know a few people who have already had kids but its obviously worlds different than someone in who was in family unit. Grab a glass of coke and mingle among people with no alcohol in it. I am honest and open about it, so people more readily accept and respect my choice. While I am 22yo I feel mentally 15 years older and have always felt older than others in my age group. the online community Community rules Coping during the Coronavirus outbreak. A man in at 22yo was a real mature man with responsibilities often married and having children.

Many people, young or older, feel troutville chat lines cannot have fun without using the crutch provided by alcohol or drugs. Society would be a dysfunctional place if everyone was extraverted and over-confident, believe me!

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Part of free north little rock sex chat would like to change all of this but another part of me is reserved. So long as you have some friends, which you do, there's nothing to feel concerned about : Some people are just more naturally reserved or shy than others.

There are women out there who appreciate men like you who have certain moral values and don't like being the centre-of-attention. No one would know except friends. I always felt -like you do- that communication goes way beyond those. So don't be put off on your own values. I have always felt much older than I am. No drinking or smoking for me.

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You're a top young man who deserve way better than what your usual peer group has to offer. Where one can't connect with real persons because everybody is hiding behind masks and superficiality. This chat therapy perhaps down to both my mental issues over the last few years and my dislike for general early 20s behaviour such as drinking and nightclubs.

There are people out there you would be able to relate to but to find them you may need to get out there, perhaps groups, clubs, discussion forums and activities that interest you. Also I do believe that due to poor upbringing maybe younger people in their early 20's are less mature than say in the 's. I never could see the logic of statements like "I don't remember any of it so I must have had a good time".

Try online dating, its better than it used to be. He is a chat city listener and is comfortable talking about feelings and more personal topics free chat rooms indiana me. However, there are young girls who see it for what it is and are looking for something of more ificance.

My boyfriend has good moral values and is very caring and considerate of others.

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Many consume drinks mixed with coke. We need people like you who are happy to listen to others and spend time with a few close friends. At first, his mates pressured him to drink and tried to encourage him to just have a drink here and there, but he stuck to his plan. I have no real moral objection to it just that it is quite different from what it was like back in the day. Your maturity sets you apart and contributes to your painful feeling of isolation. Here you can vent and share your feelings with people who understand where you're at, who also feel isolated and out of place.

With those, honesty prevails and true exchange is possible. Then after 12 months of being an outcast I the relationship talk drinking. Please don't change, your steadfastness and moral sense are to be admired and looking for dirty talking woman. I have trouble being a social person.

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I am happy he doesn't drink, but I have told him that whether he starts drinking again or not is his choice. Well done to you for that. Like I said this is a general conception I have and it maybe reflects bad on me for thinking that way.

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I had mild depression in my teens and I've had OCD for 10 years. I have struggled to make friends since high school.

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lets fuck chat grandview I'm generalising but you get my meaning. I agree that the dating trap is often another ego gratifying, superficial scene. Thank you for your contribution. Lets be frank, alcohol isn't the problem its the excess of it and the immature ones that make it a holy grail of an excuse to do stupid things.

There are a few reasons I don't drink.

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Things like the Kardashians have sort of made young girls want to act clueless and shallow. Thanks for your reply. Seek out sports like volleyball or table tennis, dancing like line dancing etc. I have always been sex chatting kenosha wisconsin non-drinker and I don't like going to nightclubs.

People in my age group seem to be the most sociable age group of people around.

Are you a social person?

Go to where the girls gather. Now its all fun and travel and drink. Most do it out of wedlock and some have kids by 23 or so these days. He really doesn't like romance movies, but is romantic in colorado freakin talk to me.

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He might drink again in the future, but for now he's happy not to do so, as it's good for his free world chat no registration health and saves him money too. He loves playing and watching sport, so this is a good way to "bond" with his male friends. I say stick to your principles and desires and not be swayed otherwise.

Because I am on open chat room for my serotonin deficiency, drinking alcohol isn't a good idea anyway. I am steadfast when it comes to my values.

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He is very responsible and I trust him completely. Meanwhile, ing these forums is a great decision. Before you can post or reply in these forums, please our online community. Not drinking or smoking, not talking badly chat aveneue others and being loyal have had positive effects on tell talks life.

And those who don't feel out of place around artificially induced merry making.

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They tend to feel uneasy around those who don't. I have a general conception which is probably poor and reflects poor on me that most girls today mature stow cum quy chat line don't rate personality and things like that and it is all social. This is what I love most about him.

It never felt right and it got me into lots of trouble re: drink driving and the like. My daughter is marrying a guy she found online and they are very compatible. Because I don't drink alcohol I feel like the weirdo a lot of the time when around people when they are drinking and am constantly pressured into drinking by others who can't get around the fact I chose not to drink.

I chat sobre sexo never been this kind of person. I grew up feeling the same and many years later, still cannot see the point of person outings where people speak for hours without saying anything. So I swapped quantity for quality. I am a 23 year old female, and I've always liked adult chat in hilliard ohio who are honest and have good values.

My boyfriend of 10 months hasn't consumed alcohol for over a year, due to a bad experience two New Year's Eve's ago when he had too many mixed drinks he was not a problem drinker. I struggle to be able to muster up the motivation to do social things with people be it with friends or family I either find myself not caring or I have zero inerest in being around people. Please stand by your values- it is worth it and you will thank yourself later. It's pretty funny actually!